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3 Powerful Cryptocurrencies Expected to Surpass SHIB in 2022


  • The 3 most powerful crypto assets to spike in 2022. 
  • Cardano, Avalanche and Algorand are seeking investors’ interest.
  • These three cryptos might defeat Shiba Inu this year.

Crypto market is always interesting and unpredictable which may result in spiking of any crypto asset at any time. As it is also risky on the other hand, users and investors are very eager to invest their savings in digital currencies. In that way, 2021 became a successful year for Shiba Inu (SHIB) with remarkable achievements. 

But, as the market brings in twists and turns, here are the 3 strong cryptocurrencies which can beat SHIB in 2022. As these digital assets are spiking high with their developments, it might be a hurdle for Shiba Inu to continue its good performance in this year. 

As investors are interested in exploring a new set of cryptocurrency winners, here are the three exploding digital assets for the year 2022. 

1.Cardano (ADA)

Cardano is the first crypto asset scoring a high response from its users and holds almost a strong user base at present. In 2021, Cardano were rising high becoming competitive for all altcoins and even for crypto king Bitcoin (BTC). Further, the main reason for Cardano to spike is, it is setting a roadmap with vision involving five development levels. 

More so, it is residing on its last 2 stages maintaining a completely decentralized, self-sustaining system. In addition, the other reason for Cardano to reach heights is, the first decentralized-finance exchange, SundaeSwap is built on Cardano which is inaugurated today.

As per the current market status, Cardano is standing at $1.39. And as a tremendous move, Cardano is actively positioning at 5th place as per CoinMarketCap. Thus, with innovative upgrades and scaling systems, Cardano will soon elevate its transaction speed. Therefore becoming a challenging competitor for SHIB. 

2.Avalanche (AVAX)

The second player in the list is Avalanche which is performing an uptrend in the market. It brings in unique elements to stand out from other major blockchains like ETH or Polkadot. Moreover, Avalanche also experienced a memorable 2021 profiting more than 3000%. 

The scoring assets for Avalanche is its transaction speed which performs 4,500 TPS and completes one in less than two seconds. Importantly, the other main reason is the interactive ability with the users and developers. 

It enables the developers to write dApps in Solidity using Ethereum’s coding language and launch them on Avalanche platform. Thereby serving a bridge between ETH and Avalanche in transferring assets safely. According to CoinMarketCap, Avalanche is at  $86.31, spiking up 2.28% in the last 24 hours. 

3. Algorand (ALGO)

Significantly, the third cryptocurrency on the list which has the potential to surpass the mainstream cryptocurrencies is Algorand (ALGO). The evident strength of ALGO is its transaction speed which has grabbed the attention of users. It operates on the system which eventually allows it to process over 45,000transactions per second. 

Additionally, Algorand’s network security also holds the whole package of attention from the users. Several blockchains use proof-of-stake to validate transactions while Algorand also uses pure PoS. However, Algorand is a forkless blockchain which means the network can’t be split to a new version. Thus, it attracts NFT followers as the platform uses forkless blockchain because if fork occurs, then NFT can be duplicated and lose value. 

In fact, ALGO has bounced over 400% in the last year, whereas if its speed and network security attracts more users then it can easily surpass SHIB’s performance. Currently, ALGO is trading at the price of $1.31 which is 1.35% up for the day. According to CoinMarketCap, ALGO holds the 25th rank while its circulating supply is 6,529,635,306 coins.


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