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CRU Staff Reveals Their Crypto Sleeper Picks For 2022


CRU staff is back again. Last time they revealed the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto. This time, it’s their crypto sleeper picks for 2022. And like last time, we have a special guest appearance from George!


  • Smart Contract Protocols
  • Blockchain Games
  • NFT Projects

So, remember when conventional wisdom said the bull run would end in 2021? Doesn’t look that’s the case anymore. Considering that, it looks like we have some room to run this year. So that means Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, Cardano, Solana are all looking primed to continue their run in 2022.

But what about the other less-heralded projects? There’s so many of them out there looking primed for a big year. Luckily, our staff — plus George himself — have some crypto sleeper picks for 2022.


“Loopring is my biggest sleeper of 2022. While LRC has enjoyed explosive growth since November, it has still yet to really reach the mainstream. As a pioneer of ZK rollups with the goal of full EVM smart contract compatibility, Loopring is forward looking. Their supply of 1bn LRC is fully distributed, and with their brand new wallet with fiat on-ramps launching and CEX’s likely supporting more L2’s like Loopring in the future, their TVL could explode in 2022.”

-Nick Rush, Staff Writer

DeFi Kingdoms

“DeFi Kingdoms (JEWEL) is my sleeper pick for the 2022 bull run. JEWEL is a play-to-earn gaming crypto built on the Harmony blockchain, however, the team announced in early December that the MMORPG game will also be landing on Avalanche. DeFi Kingdoms reminds me of the early days of Runescape with its pixelated graphics, quests, and skill traits. The game has an incredibly robust roadmap laid out for the coming months, and it’s growing a very active user base despite not being listed on a single CEX. I’d expect that to change in 2022, however, as more and more users join in on the action.”

-Brady Tinnin, Staff Writer

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Wilder World

Wilder World is my top sleeper play for 2022. It’s the most photorealistic metaverse yet and is driven by community NFTs. The project is building an immersive 5D metaverse and is the only current metaverse project building a full scale platform.

Ryan Hanscom, Staff Writer


Immutable-X looks to solve Ethereum’s efficiency problems. The layer-2 solution has virtually no gas fees, and the capability of 9,000 transactions per second, along with a carbon-neutral footprint will make it a trendy pick among projects looking to scale. Expect more projects like Ecomi to follow suit. 

Lindsay Freeman, Researcher


Chainlink has been rather underwhelming this year. Following the run-up in the middle of the year with the rest of the market, it has been disappointing to say the least in terms of price movement. However, 2022 may be the year we see Chainlink finally make its move if it successfully executes its plans. Chainlink 2.0 is in development and its revolutionary features, such as staking, could act as a big catalyst in launching Chainlink’s prices and further growth.

Tom, Researcher

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Zilliqa I believe is a sleeping giant for Q1 and Q2. They have joined the metaverse bandwagon. Their metaverse is called Metopolis. They are trading around the 7 to 8 cent range and are more than 50% from all- time highs.

Dion, Researcher

Invisible Friends

One NFT project I have my eye on is Invisible Friends. Not a sleeper maybe to some, but to people not as familiar with NFTs, it’s a project worth looking into. I think the art is awesome. I’m especially bullish on GIF-based NFTs in 2022. I think it’s a growing movement.

Cryptony, NFT Writer

Gods Unchained

My sleeper pick for 2022 is the trading card game Gods Unchained. In terms of blockchain games, Axie Infinity stole the show in 2021. This year, I believe Axie will see competition for the top spot and Gods Unchained could be a potential contender. $GODS token is already listed on Coinbase. Not to mention, their recent “Blessings of the Gods” event is enticing new users with lucrative rewards, making Gods Unchained an interesting project to watch heading into the new year.

Noah Moore, Researcher


George is gonna hate me for this, but I think privacy coin Monero is a sleeper in 2022. Isn’t Monero going to get regulated out of existence? Certainly, that’s a possibility. However, I think it’s more likely that regulation will make Monero even stronger. Why? I imagine as regulation increases scrutiny over Bitcoin transactions many will look to Monero, and its untraceability, to store their “value.”

John Kaczur, Editor


In 2022, more L1s come into their own and existing ones will continue to grow by leaps and bounds.  However, I think there will be surprises.  For example, I think Polygon will continue their tremendous growth and become a top 5 coin in 2022.  And I think Kadena is in a great position to make huge moves in 2022 as they build out their ecosystem.

-George Tung, Owner/Operator CryptosRus

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Let us know what your sleeper picks are for 2022 below!



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