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Nervos Network Joins With Pastel to Provide High-End Security for NFT Space


Nervos Network is an open-source public blockchain ecosystem officially partners with Pastel Network which empowers all NFT platforms. Through this collaboration, Nervos plans to provide a high-end security to all NFTs. As a result, the NFT marketplace grows wider protecting users from all disturbances such as threats, scams, hacks or any duplications. 

Moreover, the Pastel network integrates two main protocols namely ‘Sense’ and ‘Cascade’ into the Nervos ecosystem to empower the security of NFTs. Thus, these protocols provide a high reliability for current and future non-fungible tokens. 

Empowering NFT Space

Pastel community is a peer-to-peer decentralized platform that operates as a security for all NFT users. It helps its users to securely register, trade, and collect NFTs. More so, it is a network, purposefully  built for NFT space on blockchain technology. 

So, implementing Pastel’s ‘Sense’ protocol detects the nearby duplicate metadata for NFTs. And, through this it safeguards the NFT creators, collectors, buyers, and sellers from copyright violations and scams. On the other hand, Pastel’s Cascade protocol offers a permanent storage solution for NFTs.  Thus to prevent NFT lost cases, data missing, and manipulation. 

Furthermore, Pastel Co-founder Anthony Georgiades comments,  

“The high security ecosystem will be more beneficial for all new NFT users joining the community. And the world of NFTs can appear daunting from afar, knowing that what you are purchasing is proveably rare, boosts the users with huge confidence.”

Even though there are many opportunities available in the NFT industry, the security and storage requirements are lacking till now. Thus, using Pastel protocols, Nervos network plans to fix those issues securing NFT users and digital assets on NFT dApps, adds Nervos co-founder Kevin Wang. 

Significantly, now all Nervos users can become a part of NFT platforms connected in the network with additional layers of security either to mint or purchase NFTs. Hence it will be a remarkable benefit for all existing and new entrants into the NFT world.


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