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Tempus Deploys on Fantom to Bring 10%+ APY Fixed Returns


Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 21st February, 2022, Chainwire

Hong Kong February 21st, 2022– The Tempus protocol, a multi-chain set revenue procedure incorporating with several of the leading return gathering systems, is releasing a brand-new implementation on Fantom, where its initial combination will certainly be with Yearn Money. Because of this, Tempus individuals on Fantom will certainly have the ability to secure over 10% APY return on their stablecoins, a specifically high number taking into consideration the present market setting.

Customers will certainly have the ability to obtain high dealt with returns backed by USDC, DAI, USDT, WETH and also YFI Safes on Yearn Money. Many thanks to Tempus’ return and also funding token system, individuals will certainly have the ability to secure present prices and also not bother with them going down over time. Additionally, Fantom’s reduced cost setting implies that less-capitalized farmers will not require to await months to recover cost on gas costs.

Stablecoin return is normally a “secondary product” of booming market, as need for utilize and also hence USD loaning spikes. As a result of the bearish market setting in very early 2022, returns have actually pressed and also formerly simple to discover 20%+ APY possibilities have actually diminished. Offering methods like Substance are seeing returns right into the reduced solitary figures– very little various than those at a normal financial institution or ETF.

There are couple of ranches with high returns on the market today, among which is Terra’s Support procedure with around 19% APY on UST. The Tempus swimming pools are hence amongst one of the most rewarding on a small basis with their 10%+ APY, and also might be total the most effective option on a risk-adjusted basis. UST frequently experienced de-pegs throughout hefty marketing durations, such as in May 2021 and also lately in late January. The high returns might hence be a representation of a viewed greater danger of collapse. By comparison, Tempus resources generate from a varied collection of methods that themselves utilize varied return possibilities. Especially on Fantom, energy continues to be solid in DeFi and also permits greater returns than on blockchains like Ethereum.

“It’s an exciting time for Tempus. As a result of the market crash, borrowing appetite, and yields in general have dropped significantly. However, the Fantom ecosystem is as buoyant as ever which allows Tempus to set up pools that offer up to 10% fixed rate APY on stablecoins,” claimed David Garai, founder of Tempus.

Regarding Tempus

Tempus is a multi-chain set revenue procedure. Tempus incorporates with providing methods, betting methods, and also return collectors, and also allows individuals guess or repair on the return created by them.



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