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Top Three Trending Crypto Tokens To Turn $3 Million


At the moment, the crypto market is crashing while the price of mainstream cryptocurrencies are dumped. As all of the crypto users know, Bitcoin is waving at a $42,000 level and the total market cap value is around $2.1 trillion. According to the Youtuber, BTC is at its reset period where it will go lower and pull back stronger within the end of 2022. 

Moreover, same like the previous year, the crypto market will generate more gains beginning its bullish rally in March and continuing over April. Significantly, a trending sector in the crypto world is NFTs which took the interest of investors to an extraordinary level. NFTs have earned more users within a year where it has witnessed over $2.5 billion in sales in the first half of 2021. Thus these projects are still set to be the trending sector while rushing in a bullish run.

Even familiar celebrities and popular influencers have invested in NFTs which exposes the people’s interest in this sector. Their support towards NFT projects has also assisted in more gains as their followers also followed the suit. Several unique arts as NFT have been sold in millions during sales, thus portraying the potential of NFT projects.

Top Gems To Turn Millions

As per the Youtuber, the first gem is Bad Days which is actually a part of Marvellous NFTs. This platform consists of marvel superheroes and it is planned to be launched on January 14, 2022. Besides, the concept of Bad Days is that the platform allows users to collect, own, breed, and battle rare heroes in the NFT marketplace. The platform seems to be a sweet spot for marvel fans because the characters as NFTs are to be Captain America, Hulk, and so on. Users can buy, sell, and stake NFTs.

The second altcoin is Wasted Land which will be live from January 6, 2022. It is also a gaming NFT platform which is an apocalypse-based RPG game. The unique feature of this game is mating, its role-play is mating with other characters. It also allows mating same-sex which seems to be the first platform to bring out same-sex mating. The concept is to build a bigger army, community, and shelter while exploring and killing others. 

The final gem according to the YouTuber is Another 1 which will be coming out by the end of January. This platform follows the process of merging physical goods with digitized sneakers. It creates hype among the footwear where users can create their own design digitally. Those designed digital sneakers can be used as one of the items in the metaverse world. Moreover, this is going to be the marketplace that is built on Cosmos blockchain. 

Furthermore, these are three trending cryptocurrencies that will turn to $3 million. Besides, these are the three powerhouses in the market to generate more gains in the upcoming term. The features and unique concepts from each of these platforms will lead to millions of returns. Finally, the gaming NFT platform is the recent trending sector that attracts gamers and more users to its network. Thus, these projects are yet to be launched and some are in the process of the initial stage, so investors can look into the above-mentioned projects to try investing.

Disclaimer: The opinion expressed in this chart solely author’s. It does not interpreted as investment advice. TheNewsCrypto team encourages all to do their own research before investing.


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