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Twitter Differentiates NFT Profiles By Displaying In Hexagon


As crypto evolves around the globe to be the future digital asset of the financial sector, many industries and individuals are adopting it. Therefore, the adoption and popularity of cryptocurrencies have surged at such a fast rate within a few years. Acknowledging the value of crypto assets, several sectors have initiated accepting cryptocurrencies. 

Significantly, even social media platforms have begun adopting digital assets in terms of payments and transactions. The support for the crypto-sector from social media platforms seems huge as this part also helps in the crypto market’s growth. Twitter plays a major role for cryptocurrencies as crypto enthusiasts and users utilize this platform for sharing and revealing updates about crypto.

Consequently, Twitter announces the launch of a tool that is used to display the NFT profile picture in a hexagon shape. This announcement was given on Thursday as a result of the hype of non-fungible tokens which reached a hike in sales last year.

The additive feature of connecting Twitter account and crypto wallet is only available for Twitter Blue subscribers on iOS. This service allows subscribers to hold their NFT holdings in their connected crypto wallet. 

Hexagon For NFT Profiles

Hereafterwards, Twitter will display NFT profile pictures in hexagon shape differentiating them from normal circle profile pictures. Thus clicking on the picture displays the details of the NFT art and its ownership. Following massive crypto adoption, social media started authenticating digital-assets and also added features for users to send and receive BTC.

Since the start of 2021, NFT sales went high while it almost hit $2.5 billion NFT sales in the first-half of the year. Last year was a trending year of NFT which totals $25 billion of NFT sales in 2021, according to DAppRadar. 

Following the launch of this feature, Jane Manchun Wong, a security researcher, highlighted that OpenSea is down. As Twitter uses OpenSea’s API, she noted that it caused Twitter’s NFT collection to also lose their information. 

However, Twitter uses a “soft hexagon” shape around the NFT profile. The platform separates silly photos of cartoon apes from images of cartoon apes that are related to blockchain tokens.


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